Hotel information

Conference participants are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. This can be done by calling, faxing, or e-mailing your reservation to one of the five recommended hotels listed below. Please find below the reservation forms for the five hotels, as well as a comparison of rates.

Hotel rates
(Per night in Singapore Dollars. For information on the U.S. Dollar to Singapore Dollar exchange rate, please click here.)

Hotel Superior room Deluxe/
Executive room
Club room Breakfast*
Orchard Hotel $265+ $295+ $345+ $20+
Orchard Parade Hotel $260+ $300+ $348+ $20+
Park Hotel Orchard $205+ $225+ N/A** $25+
Shangri-La Hotel N/A** $370+ $460+ Varies by room
The Ritz-Carlton N/A** $330+ $370+ Complimentary
*Per pax per day. Not applicable for club room.
**N/A: Not available.