Past Conferences/Events

The Decline of the Middle Classes Around the World?
Segovia, Spain
September 28-30, 2014

Workforce Development Needs in the Global Economy: US and Cross-National Perspectives
Atlantic Council Headquarters
December 6, 2013

Mexico-U.S. Migration: Past, Present, and Future Trends
Washington, D.C.
Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Call for Proposals to Host an International Conference on Policy Analysis and Management in 2014
Due July 1, 2013

Sustainable Public-Private Partnerships: New Opportunities and Challenges of Public Governance in Asia
Shanghai, China
May 25, 2013

Collaboration between Government, Market, and Society: Forging Partnerships and Encouraging Competition
Shanghai, China
May 26-27, 2013

Improving Education through Accountability and Evaluation: Lessons from Around the World
Rome, Italy
October 3-5, 2012

Call for Proposals for International Conferences on Public Policy and Management
Due September 10, 2011

Labour Activation in Times of High Unemployment
Paris, France
November 14-15, 2011

Teaching in Today’s Classroom
Policy Analysis, Statistics, and Technology in Cross-National Settings
Washington, D.C.
November 2, 2011

Improving the Quality of Public Services
Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
June 27-29, 2011

Welfare to Work: Full Engagement & Integrated Services
Rotterdam, Netherlands
May 26-28, 2010

Migration: A World in Motion: A Multinational Conference on Migration and Migration Policy
Maastricht, Netherlands
February 18-20, 2010

Evaluation and Performance Management of Job Training Programs: What Can the European Social Fund Learn from the WIA Experience?
Washington, D.C.
November 7, 2009

APPAM Special Meeting
European Measures of Income, Poverty, and Social Exclusion: Recent Developments and Lessons for U.S. Poverty Measurement
Washington, D.C.
November 4, 2009

Environmental Policy: A Multinational Conference on Policy Analysis and Teaching Methods
Seoul, Korea
June 11-13, 2009

Measuring Poverty, Income Inequality, and Social Exclusion: Lessons from Europe
Paris, France
March 16-17, 2009

Asian Social Protection in Comparative Perspective
January 7-9, 2009

Teaching Policy Analysis and Management in Cross-National Settings
Washington, D.C.
November 10, 2007